Festival Tea Party Shoot.

So the two week countdown for our upcoming photoshoot has begun, and we are very busy at the moment organising bits and pieces for the shoot. This morning has consisted of us sitting down properly and putting together some inspiration boards in a digital based format. Why don’t you have a little look at them…

April Shoot1
Location Inspiration.
April Shoot2
Model Styling Inspiration.
April Shoot3
Boho Inspiration – ‘The Natural Look’.



Festival Tea Party Shoot.

Over the last few days we have been rather busy at Face Florals HQ. We have an upcoming photoshoot in April which we have been preparing for by gathering together inspiration, for styling, backdrops, locations, make-up etc.

To give you lovely bunch a rough idea of how our photoshoot is going to look, here are some of the images we’ve been using for our inspiration.

Festival Tea Party: Styling, location & backdrop inspiration.


Festival Tea Party: Muse & model styling, BOHO CHIC.

Hello Spring!

Etsy Promo

At Face Florals HQ, we are so happy that spring has finally sprung, so to celebrate we have decided to run an EXTRA 20% OFF Promotion for everything on our ETSY UK shop. I know, pretty fabulous right? Plus, we think you lovely bunch deserve a little treat. Happy Spring everyone!


March – We Are Loving…

This month at Face Florals HQ, we just simply can’t get enough of a certain little glitter trend which has been sparkling it’s way through Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. What is this glistening trend we hear you ask…? Say hello to ‘Glitter Roots’.

With this hot, sparkle of a trend, it really is ‘The Glitter That Matters’. And at Face Florals, we can’t think of a better way to cover up those darkened, roots than sprinkling them with some of the magic stuff.

Don’t worry tho fellas. This trend doesn’t just appear to be for the ladies. There are plenty of guys out there who are also participating in this glittery trend. Introducing, the Glittery Beard…


We love Instagram at Face Florals HQ. It’s a great way for us to stay connected with our customers and our fellow festival lovers. It also gives you lovely bunch the chance to see what happens behind the scenes at Face Florals HQ – Our little furry pooch, Toby is often featured.

Face Florals // Just Gypsophila


Don’t forget! You could get featured on our Instagram Page! We love seeing what our customers get up to with their Face Florals. Use the hashtag #faceflorals and tag us in your photos & we will try and feature you on our Instagram Page and in our little ‘Hall of Fame’.



Face Florals – Hall of Fame.

Our Story

Hello there. We are Face Florals.

Our mission is to transform every face into a stunning, botanical masterpiece. We create intricate and beautiful blooms which our customers can use to decorate their fabulous faces with.

Face Florals are easy to apply & are the perfect way to add a unique touch to our customers look. Festivals, music concerts, summer parties, weddings – We want our customers to stand out from the crowd and blossom.
If applied correctly, Face Florals can last up to 8 hours.

Face Florals // Just Hydrangeas

Our story has grown from the pressing of one flower, to an addiction of pressing flowers. “The first flower that I ever pressed was one called Love in The Mist. I had no idea how it would turn out once taken out of the press, but when I pulled back the paper I was stunned by the sheer beauty that was placed in front of my eyes. I became addicted with experimenting with this process. Seeing how different flowers pressed, the variety of results I could achieve. To me, pressing flowers reveals a hidden, inner beauty that flowers have. An inner beauty which I wanted to share with the rest of the world.” – Hanna Webb, Founder of Face Florals.

“My background is, and has always been in design. I started to think about ways in how I could showcase the inner beauty of these pressed blooms to the world. The idea for Face Florals started to bloom whilst I was messing around one day with creative ways to photograph the flowers. I lined up a row of pressed daisies on my forearm. They sat in perfect harmony with my skin, and so I began to move them around different areas of my body to see how they would look. Randomly, I decided to stick one onto my forehead, and then BOOM – the idea for Face Florals had suddenly blossomed.”

“I have always loved the creative ways that people use to decorate their skin at festivals & summer events, often using face paint, glitter & stick on gems to do this. Face Florals offers something new & unique. A new way for people to unleash their creativity. The use of pressed flowers also appeals to our inner eco warriors as well.”