Our Story

Hello there. We are Face Florals.

Our mission is to transform every face into a stunning, botanical masterpiece. We create intricate and beautiful blooms which our customers can use to decorate their fabulous faces with.

Face Florals are easy to apply & are the perfect way to add a unique touch to our customers look. Festivals, music concerts, summer parties, weddings – We want our customers to stand out from the crowd and blossom.
If applied correctly, Face Florals can last up to 8 hours.

Face Florals // Just Hydrangeas

Our story has grown from the pressing of one flower, to an addiction of pressing flowers. “The first flower that I ever pressed was one called Love in The Mist. I had no idea how it would turn out once taken out of the press, but when I pulled back the paper I was stunned by the sheer beauty that was placed in front of my eyes. I became addicted with experimenting with this process. Seeing how different flowers pressed, the variety of results I could achieve. To me, pressing flowers reveals a hidden, inner beauty that flowers have. An inner beauty which I wanted to share with the rest of the world.” – Hanna Webb, Founder of Face Florals.

“My background is, and has always been in design. I started to think about ways in how I could showcase the inner beauty of these pressed blooms to the world. The idea for Face Florals started to bloom whilst I was messing around one day with creative ways to photograph the flowers. I lined up a row of pressed daisies on my forearm. They sat in perfect harmony with my skin, and so I began to move them around different areas of my body to see how they would look. Randomly, I decided to stick one onto my forehead, and then BOOM – the idea for Face Florals had suddenly blossomed.”

“I have always loved the creative ways that people use to decorate their skin at festivals & summer events, often using face paint, glitter & stick on gems to do this. Face Florals offers something new & unique. A new way for people to unleash their creativity. The use of pressed flowers also appeals to our inner eco warriors as well.”



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