About Us

Hello there, fabulous! Welcome to our flower emporium. Here’s a little about us.


Our Mission Statement.

Our mission is to transform every face into a stunning, botanical masterpiece. We create intricate and beautiful blooms which our customers can use to decorate their fabulous faces with. Face Florals are easy to apply & are the perfect way to add a unique touch to our customers look. Festivals, music concerts, summer parties, weddings – We want our customers to stand out from the crowd and blossom.

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What Make Us Different.

We are an incredibly passionate team of Floral Extraordinaire’s, and we absolutely love what we do.

All of our flowers are home-grown, hand picked and hand pressed. We only use natural pesticides on our plants which we create ourselves using natural essential oils, which means there is less harm on both the planet,  it’s garden critters and kind to our customers skin.

We love being able to use the terms ‘natural’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘naturally biodegradable’ when describing our products, and offering a naturally eco-friendly alternative to the festival makeover market.