The Promise

At Face Florals, we pride ourselves with what we do. We have a true, solid passion for the art of pressing flowers and put real time and effort into every single flower that we press. We have worked hard to ensure that every flower our lovely customers receive is nothing but perfection. Nobody wants to receive a bunch of dead flowers after all, so why should it be any different for your face?

With several new cheaper alternative brands now hitting the market we have decided to launch The Promise. Please scroll down to read more…

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High standard & quality flowers every time – in comparison to other brands.

The Promise.

What is The Promise?The Promise is something we have launched to ensure that our gorgeous customers receive nothing but high standard and quality flowers with each and  every pack they purchase. If we are expecting customers to purchase our product, then we should promise nothing than perfection with every pack we send out. Dead flowers? No thank you! We want gorgeous blooms which are full of colour & life! As much as we love ‘The Festival of the Dead’, it’s not really the vibe we are trying to achieve.

How we will ensure The Promise is fulfilled? –  In order to make sure The Promise is fulfilled with every pack we are simply going to do exactly what we have done from day one. Why? Because since Face Florals launched in December 2015, we have always focused on perfection. We have developed and created a process which means our flowers are always the best of the bunch. So in order to fulfill The Promise we are going to continue to do the following:-

  • Ensure that we are only ever picking flowers from ethical sources. The majority of the flowers we pick are from our own garden, from our allotment or from our Granny’s garden. Any flowers that we can’t grow in our garden, (such as our Gypsophila) are purchased from a local florists.

(FACT: Did you know that Bluebells are an endangered plant?  Don’t fear! All of ours have been lovingly picked from our Granny’s garden.)

  • Ensure that we only ever pick the best of the bunch. If a flower looks like it’s wilted, been attacked by bugs or has gone slightly off colour then it will be staying firmly planted in the ground.

(FACT: We HATE green flies. They are constantly attacking our Pansies and Violas. The nasty devils!)

  • Ensuring that all flowers have been cleaned appropriately before pressing.
  • Pressed correctly to ensure perfection with every flower.

(FACT: We have flower presses EVERY WHERE! And we mean every where.)

  • Ensuring that once the pressing process is completed, every flower coming out the press has been thoroughly checked again for any imperfections & discolouration. Any wasted flowers which are not good enough for packaging are deposited back into our compost bin, therefore keeping waste to a minimum.


So that is our Face Florals Promise to each and every one of our gorgeous customers. Now the choice is up to you. We obviously can’t sit here and tell you who to purchase your flowers from this festival season, that wouldn’t be fair. But we simply ask you to make a considered choice. Our Face Florals may be slightly more expensive than other companies, but with that slightly more expense comes The Promise.