The Gay Beards.

When it comes to festivals, it would appear that sticking glitter to your face, placing flowers in your hair & painting your face up with numerous colours and patterns only appeals to one sex – female. Most festival trends only seem to cater to the female target audience but of course, here at Face Florals we adore seeing guys wearing flower crowns and having tribal inspired facepaint splattered across their faces, (and wearing Face Florals of course). But! This week we have discovered a unique trend which can only be applied to the male sex. Fellas, do not fear for ‘Gay Beards’ is here!

That’s right! You fellas no longer need to worry about not being able to express your festival, uniqueness anymore. Hello to the age of the floral beard. Best friends Brian DeLaurenti & Johnathan Dahl from Portland, Orgeon, have taken a plunge into the world of all things floral and turned the trend of flower crowns upside down. How we hear you ask? Well, by quite simply placing flowers into their beards rather than on top of their heads.

We admit that this trend may not be for all of you guys out there, but we absolutely love it! But of course, this funky duo haven’t stopped there. Brian and Johnathan have gone on to add a numerous number of different objects into their masterful beards, including lego pieces, popcorn, glitter, feathers, mini cocktails umbrellas… Basically, anything you could potentially think of sticking into a beard, they probably have.

Have a look at their Instagram page for some more bearded inspiration: The Gay Beards.