Flower Pressing Tips for Beginners.

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Flower Pressing Tips for Beginners

This blog post comes with a warning. Pressing Flowers can become addictive. You’ve been warned!

Of course, I say this in a jokey manner, but it’s honestly true! I first started pressing flowers whilst studying textile design at uni. My final major project was all based and designed around the art of pressing flowers, and I honestly became a little bit addicted and obsessed with the process. I just loved placing a flower into a press, returning two weeks later and seeing the results. Which it’s worth noting here, were sometimes brilliant and sometimes awful!

Flower Pressing is a great craft, and it is suitable for various ages and skill levels. One question I always get asked is “Do you press all of your flowers?”, and the answer is YES! I do! But the reality is, it took me almost three years to perfect my pressing technique, but at least I can now pass that wisdom onto others. Whether you’re completely new to flower pressing, or just starting on your pressing journey, here are my Top Tips for pressing flowers.

Tip 1: Invest in a proper Flower Press.
Of course, the traditional method of pressing flowers is in between pages of weighted books, and this was in fact how I started in the very beginning. However I soon came to realise that the results I was achieveing by using this method were just not as consistant as I would like. You can purchase Flower Presses online for as little as £10, and I would highly recommend doing this if you want to achieve high-quality, consistant results. If you want to try out the traditional method of pressing between pages, then you can still follow the tips to follow to help you achieve sucessful results.

Tip 2: Only Press ‘Dry’ Flowers.
It sounds really silly saying “make sure your flowers are dry before you press them”, but seriously, make sure they are dry before you press them. Even the smallest amount of mildew can turn a potential succesful press into an unsuccessful press. The whole concept of flower pressing is to remove moisture from the flowers. If you add even the smallest amount of moisture into the press, you run the risk of the flowers not drying and even turning mouldy in the press. Ideally, try and pick you flowers when it’s dry. Dab any excess moisture off using kitchen towel, and if you can, move mildew dusted flowers into the sun to help them dry.

Tip 3: Don’t Overload your Press.
It’s a mistake that most flower pressers have made, including myself. Trying to press a large volume of flowers at once, adding additional layers into my press, and coming back two weeks later to find… mould. This tip goes back to my previous one and the comments about moisture. The more flowers you add into a press, the more moisture you are adding. Trust me when I say, there is nothing more heartbreaking than opening up a flower press and seeing mouldy flowers. Take time to play around with your flower press, build up a relationship with it. Get to know what works for your press and what doesn’t.

Tip 4: Use Different Presses for Different Weights.
All flowers have different weights. A lobelia weighs less than a rose, a daffodil weighs heavier than a violas. By using a different press for different weights, you’re guarneteed to get more successful results. All flowers have different drying times which is affected by their weight. A viola might only take two weeks, whereas a daffodil might take four.

Tip 5: Patience.
Pressing flowers is exciting! By it’s the waiting for the results which is the agonising part of the process. But wait you must! Don’t be tempeted to take the flowers out of the press too early. By doing this you can affect their colour presevation, quality and lifespan of them in their new pressed form. Most light-weight flowers will dry within 2 weeks, but heavier-weight flowers will take longer (up to 4 weeks). The wait is 100% worth it!

Tip 6: Practise makes perfect.
Like any craft or skill, practise makes perfect. Don’t be disheartened if your first press doesn’t turn out the way you planned. Each variety of flower has it’s own profile, and understanding that unique profile takes time. There are still some flowers now which I am still trying to perfect. Carnations are the absolute bane of my life! 5 years in and I still can’t get them to press the way I want!

So there you have it. My Top Tips for flower pressing.
Let me know if this blog post was helpful to you by leaving a comment below, or let me know if you’d like any more tip based blog posts around flower pressing.

Press happy, Hanna x

Nature Infused Wellness.


Why getting ‘out’ into nature couldn’t be more important right now.

Let’s be honest, the world has gone a little bit weird (& crazy!). And with the current state of affairs within the United Kingdom, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed and anxious.

As things currently stand, the UK Government has advised us to all to implement ‘social-distancing’ to try and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Including non-essential travel to work, only shopping for essentials (when it’s required), and avoiding contact with friends and family.

As important as social-distancing is right now, I think we can all appreciate that it can also feel boring or frustrating, and because of this, you may find that your mood and general mental wellbeing are affected.

At Face Florals we have been looking into ways to help boost our moods and mental well-being in this turbulent time, which don’t involve reaching for a puzzle book.

Nature Infused Wellness.

Throughout the modern decade, research has shown the positive impacts of spending time within nature, on both our physical and mental health. Including reducing anxiety, stress and in some cases depression.

The current advice from the UK Government is “to do one form of exercise a day – such as a run, walk or cycle, alone or with other people you live with.” Ok, great! But what if you are a ‘venerable’ individual who has been advised otherwise?

It’s not unknown that we are nature enthusiasts at Face Florals, so we have pulled together some simple ideas & tips on how you can inject some ‘nature-infused wellness’ into your routine, whether it be outside or inside.

Spend time with your Indoor Plants.
Did you know, studies have shown that indoor plants have incredible mood-boosting effects? They can also help to improve concentration and creativity, as well as emoting a sense of calm and reducing the feeling of stress. Better still! Indoor plants help to remove toxins from the air and inject oxygen into your home. Go on! Show your indoor plants some love!

Open your windows.
It sounds really simple, but opening up your windows and allowing fresh air & natural sunlight into your home will help you feel more connected with nature, and boost your mood. Turn off your radio or TV for 10 mins, and listen to nature.

Get Outside.
If you can of course! But don’t forget the 2-meter rule. Sit in your garden, go for a walk, or even a run if you’re able to. Getting some fresh air into your lungs can make the difference to your mood.

Embrace ‘Forest Bathing’.
Forest Bathing is all about taking time out to slow down and re-connect with nature. The trend has been increasingly popular within Japan and is often recommended as a form of therapy by specialist GP’s to their patients. As its name suggests, it’s all about ‘bathing’ in nature. Lying back, tuning into your surroundings and taking it all in.

How to work your way through throwing in the Self-Employed towel.

Business Talk

Hello floral fans, it’s Hanna here. Some of you may have met me before, either face to face or digitally, and some of you may have not. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the brains behind Face Florals, and today I’m going to share my honest opinion on how to work your way through self-doubt and throwing in the self-employment towel.


Down to the nitty gritty.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that since I started Face Florals back in 2015, I have had my fair share of high moments, with Glastonbury Festival 2019 being one of them. From the outside, running your own business seems like a breeze, and appears to be a lot of fun, which of course it can be. But if we’re all being honest, we never quite show our ‘true selves’ on our personal social media accounts very often, so why would we do the same with our business?  This is where I think things need to change.

It’s honesty time!

Back in January 2019, I came so close to throwing in the self-employed towel and kicking Face Floral’s to the curb. A business which I had so much passion and love for, I had grown to despise. In my head I had convinced myself that my business was making me unhappy, and believed it was seriously starting to affect my mental health. I had lost all motivation and passion for what I was doing, but felt like despite this, I had to keep going as it’s what I was ‘expected to do’. We’ll come back to this phrase later…

Finally, I broke. Over slugs in fact. Yes, you read that correctly… slugs. Slugs eating my entire crop of flowers was what finally broke me, and led to me having a complete melt down in my living room. Many tears were shed, and to the complete shock of my other half, the words “I don’t want to do this anymore”, finally came out of my mouth.

The Reality Check.

I finally said it. I had finally been honest about how I was feeling, after bottling up all the angst and emotions I’d been carrying on my shoulders for the last few months.

My other half sat me down, gave me a cuddle, listened to me cry about slugs, and heard every word I said about giving up on my dream. He also called me an idiot, and said I was being silly (which was also true), but more importantly I had that someone to turn to and talk things through with. Thank you, Craig. You are a gem!

And then, reality hit. News Flash… Face Florals wasn’t the thing that was making me unhappy.

There had been several other things going on in my life at that time which had caused me a huge amount of stress, including moving house at Christmas (don’t do it!). In return, the large amount of external stress factors I had going on, had a knock on affect with my motivation, and mental health.

Sitting down and talking things through with someone not involved in the business, truly helped. It made me see things from a different perspective. Which is why I think me being honest about my personal experience of wanting to ‘throw in the towel’ is important.

Not every self-employed business owner has the support I do, and there are several business owners out there which are ‘one man bands’. Which is why I have written this blog post, to give that support and say that it’s 100% OK to go through those emotions.

How to Move Forward.

2019 actually turned out to be an amazing year, for both me and Face Florals. So I thank my lucky soul that I had that conversation, and support. In some ways, those slugs demolishing my plant stock were actually a blessing in disguise. But how can you move forward and over-come those feelings without support?

‘Expected to do’. I said we’d come back to it, and there it is. How many of you self-employed business owners have had the same feeling cross your mind? That feeling of absolute dread when someone asks you “How’s the business going?”, and you feel like you’re expected to respond with, “Yeah, it’s amazing!”, when what you actually want to respond with the total opposite.

There always seems to be ‘expectations’ from external parties on how your business should be performing, when in reality the only expectations that matter and that you should care about, are your own! It’s your business. It’s up to you how much you want it to grow, what products you want to be releasing, and how often you want to post on social media. If you’re meeting your expectations, then you’re ticking off goals and making dreams happen.

Get out of January, before adding the final nail to the coffin. Let’s be honest, January is a horrendous month. It’s the Monday of months, and it’s cold, dark and miserable. All the bills from the festive period slowly start to roll in, and if you’re self-employed… Hello, Tax Return month! In summary, it can be an incredibly stressful month for many. Which is why if you are having similar thoughts to myself, waiting until you’re out of January could leave you with extra head space to think more clearly about the direction you want to head in.

Finding support wherever you can is extremely important. I can appreciate that not everyone is as lucky as myself, and has someone at home (or work) they can turn to for guidance, or just even for a chat. But whether you’re a one-man band or part of a team, having support is important.

Online Forums and Facebook groups are now your go to support family! I’m part of several Facebook groups for independent sellers and small businesses, and believe me, these have helped me through some tough patches since starting my business. And the best thing is, they are full of members who are exactly like me and you! Self-employed business owners, who experience the highs and lows of running your own business.

Most importantly; you’ve got this.


Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Pressed Flower Addicts.

pressed flowers

Christmas Blog

To follow in sync with the rest of the United Kingdom right now… How is it already November!? The nights are getting darker, the days are getting shorter, and the idea of Christmas being just around the corner is enough to send you into a panic buying spree.

At Face Florals, we consider ourselves to be pressed flower experts. It is what our day jobs consist of after all. And if you know someone who is addicted to anything pressed flower related (like we all are at Face Florals HQ), then we have you covered. We’ve curated a selection of beautiful, floral gifts which will make the perfect Christmas Presents for the pressed flower addict in your life, and of course, they are from other small, independent businesses. #ShopSmall 


Jane Safarian Nail Art

Jane Safarian Nail Art: Pressed Dried Flowers Design Water Slide Nail Decals. 
£11.30, available from Etsy.

Gift Blog2

Bring Me Milk: Decorative Floral Comb, Pressed Flower Accessories, Wide Tooth Comb Floral Piece.
£25.00, available from Etsy.

Gift Blog3

Kate Broughton: British Wild Flowers Print.
£20.00 (prices vary dependent on size), available from Etsy.

Gift Blog4

Eclectic Eccentricity: Personalised Pressed Flower Necklace.
£23.00, available from notonthehighstreet.com

Gift Blog5

Fern & Felt: Baby-Fern Pressed Flower Phone Case.
£16.23, available from Etsy.