Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Pressed Flower Addicts.

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To follow in sync with the rest of the United Kingdom right now… How is it already November!? The nights are getting darker, the days are getting shorter, and the idea of Christmas being just around the corner is enough to send you into a panic buying spree.

At Face Florals, we consider ourselves to be pressed flower experts. It is what our day jobs consist of after all. And if you know someone who is addicted to anything pressed flower related (like we all are at Face Florals HQ), then we have you covered. We’ve curated a selection of beautiful, floral gifts which will make the perfect Christmas Presents for the pressed flower addict in your life, and of course, they are from other small, independent businesses. #ShopSmall 


Jane Safarian Nail Art

Jane Safarian Nail Art: Pressed Dried Flowers Design Water Slide Nail Decals. 
£11.30, available from Etsy.

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Bring Me Milk: Decorative Floral Comb, Pressed Flower Accessories, Wide Tooth Comb Floral Piece.
£25.00, available from Etsy.

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Kate Broughton: British Wild Flowers Print.
£20.00 (prices vary dependent on size), available from Etsy.

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Eclectic Eccentricity: Personalised Pressed Flower Necklace.
£23.00, available from

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Fern & Felt: Baby-Fern Pressed Flower Phone Case.
£16.23, available from Etsy.